The Nebraska Boy Snatcher was just a kid himself. His reign of terror was short, as was his life. Join us for our inaugural podcast about John Joseph Joubert.



Perhaps the movie "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" was inspired by this sordid tale. The Edgecombe County Serial Killer is the topic of this podcast.


The Canadian Crippler was devastating in the ring, but a gentleman outside the professional wrestling circuit. What made him go on a three-day rampage, killing his family and himself?


Mark Orrin Barton was a day trader with a checkered past. The Atlanta day-trader spree killer killed his family, then casually strolled into work to kill his coworkers.


Betty enjoyed the lifestyle most women dream of, but this marriage was not as perfect as it seemed on the outside. Years of emotional abuse, infidelity, and neglect took its toll. This story ends with the murder of her ex-husband and his new, much younger wife.


One of Australia's biggest murder cases involving a clan of killers who targeted homosexuals and pedophiles as their prey in this improbable tale of unimaginable torture and murder. Not for the faint hearted.


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Seung-Hui Cho - whose alter egos included "Ax Ishmael" and "Question Mark" -  was a selective mute who spoke little, but broke his silence by unleashing his fury at Virginia Tech College, killing 33 people (including himself), and unloading at least 174 bullets in nine minutes.

Popkov was an active Russian serial killer from 1992-2010, murdering 82 women. Ironically, he was a police officer who used his job to hide his own criminal activity. Warning: This podcast contains brutal content.

One woman assaulted, one woman missing and presumed dead, and another found murdered - all the brutal actions of one Maine man named Shannon Atwood.


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The ever-evolving case of Todd Kohlhepp, who committed his first rape at age 15, is the topic of this episode. There are seven known victims in South Carolina, but who knows how many more have yet to be uncovered?

S2:E11 David and Catherine Birnie


This dastardly duo from Perth, Australia met as teenagers and then reconnected as adults. Together, they kidnapped, raped, and murdered four young women in their home at 3 Moorhouse Street, all within weeks, and was dubbed the Moorhouse Murders.


charles whitman

In 1966, devoted son, husband, marine, and college student becomes the infamous Texas Tower Sniper. Whitman went to the top of the Texas Clock Tower, injuring 31 and killing 17, ushering in the age of mass murder.

Episode 13 covers two demented stalker cases. One that changed the course of psychology forever and one stalker that went above and beyond to get revenge on his target.


S2:E14 Robert Chambers - The Preppy Murder

You might remember the preppy murder from the 1980s. A media sensation story of sex, drugs, and murder in the young, elite New York crowd. We follow the twists and turns in this famous case about the murder of Jennifer Levin by Robert Chambers.

Daniel Camargo Barbosa, a.k.a. "The Sadist of Chanquito," was a psychopathic brutal serial killer and pedophile that raped and killed up to 150 young girls in Columbia and Ecuador through the 1970s and 1980s. He is one of the top-five most prolific serial killers by body count.



S2:E16 Kimberly Moreau

One of the oldest missing cases in Maine, Kim Moreau has been missing since 1986. Though there were many clues in the case, it was mishandled from the beginning. Her father, Richard Moreau, has never given up hope. This is the family's story.

If you have any information regarding Kimberly Moreau's whereabouts, please contact the Maine State Police Missing Persons Unit at 1-207-743-8282 or 1-800-THE-LOST.

Beautiful, blue-eyed blonde, 20 month-old Ayla Reynolds disappeared from her crib in Waterville, Maine in December, 2011 from her father's home. The search for Ayla was the largest for a missing person in Maine's history. This case has received a lot of national attention. This is Ayla's story.

S2:E18 Rae Carruth

The rise and fall of a narcissistic, greedy former NFL player, who would rather kill than pay child support. A self-proclaimed antagonist, there was nothing in his upbringing to suggest that he'd become the killer that he was.

S2:E19 Anthony Sowell, Part 1

The Cleveland Strangler is featured in this episode. Anthony Sowell was an American sex offender, rapist, and murderer whose victims were prostitutes and drug addicts in Cleveland, Ohio. He killed eleven women within a two-year span.